Kaplan-Meier curve

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Today I am going to share topic Kaplan-Meier curve which extremely important for USMLE exam this topic is continuously repeating in the exam over years so you can’t afford to miss this topic even this given in the USMLE content outline page 29

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Kaplan-Meier curve

It is used to illustrate the probability of survival over time for a group of individuals

In this we have x-axis (length of time) and y-axis (event probability)

x-axis (length of time): represent the time interval during the events (moths, years)

y-axis (event probability): probability of an event occurring over time (ex. Mortality, disease reoccurrence etc.)

survival probability

it represents the probability that an individual or a group of individuals will survive up to a specific point if time

Survival probability = 1- event probability


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